Jos and Patricia on tour!

YEAHHHHH!!! On March 31 2017 we started our trip around the world! That's a day earlier than planned because our flight was postponed, and then changed, and ugh... well, we had to set it forward a day.


Instead of a trip around the world in our twenties, we do it in our fourties and we expect to enjoy it 20 times more. We have been preparing for 20 years ;-)


Our trip will take one and a half year and we plan to visit every continent. We dont have the illusion that we can visit every country on our list and we are not traveling to tick off countries, we really want to enjoy every single destination. So that will be a difficult choice to make...


On March 31 2017 we flew late afternoon from Schiphol to Cape Town, starting this long-cherished dream. We've begun our preparations long before this, not only because it's so much fun but also simply because you have to organise some things longer in advance. Your job for example... really long holiday or total freedom? And your house, rent or sell? Which visa can you buy on arrival and what about diseases and shots? So... prepare!


Also, a route plan is not a bad idea. Even though we don't want to be stuck in a plan, we would rather travel with the seasons, than against them, no hurricane seasons or months of heatwaves for us.

Check out our plan here!


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From Amsterdam we flew to Cape Town, South Africa and traveled through this country to discover the south eastern part of Africa. Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, the Seychelles, Madagascar... so much to see and we loved it!

Asia I & II

We will visit Asia in two chapters, first Malaysia, Singapore and from Indonesia all the way down to Australia.

At the final part of our worldtrip we will fly from Northern America back to Asia and travel the main land until our budget dries out.


We want to see kangaroos and wombats! Jos has some family living in different states so we'll drop by and give them a visit. We will travel relax and take our time before we cross over to New Zealand. We'll also visit some  tropical bounty-island in the Pacific. 

Can't wait mate!

Latin America

From Oceania we'll go on a exploration through Southern America. We have got a few countries high on our list and a couple of spares. Depending on our budget at the time we'll decide which countries we are going to experience. Already curious what we will discover in this enormous part of the world!

Central America

Our plan for Central America is also based on the content of our wallet. We would love to travel over land from Panama to Mexico and we've got some great islands in mind as well. Hopefully we can stay long enough to really get in to that Caribbean vibe!

North America

A North American road trip, that is what our list says. From Miami to Toronto, through Canada to the east and then all the way down to Los Angeles. 

We've planned 3,5 months, not a lot, but it can be done.

After that we'll fly to Hawaii because ehh... well you know, the obvious...