Home is where our heart is...

A girl from the city and a guy from the countryside. As travelers we found each other in 2011.

After years of enjoyable holidays, it is now time for the real work; a worldtrip!

Armed with camera and a backpack of 9 kilo we visit all the places we have dreamed of for so long. The various cultural, culinary experiences, nature and meeting different people during our holiday made us hungry for more.

Our dream to travel the world for at least one and a half year has now become reality. More culture, the real life amongst locals and the freedom to decide where you are going and how long you'll stay without any time pressure.


Check our worldtrip route here.

Yep, this is us...

We met in 2011. Actually we've known each other much longer than that, because we were colleagues. After a successful project we got to know each other better and had a click.

We share a lot of passions, hike till you drop and enjoying good food. Preparing that great meal only works in the company of a fine wine and some music.

Our greatest passion is traveling. It's just in our blood... it is in our DNA!

Arnhem, our home...

After a long distance relationship of a couple of years we've decided to join forces and find ourselves a home together. A place to make new memories... 

We both liked to live in the city, the restaurants, shops, people... in the middle of life.

A search through our Netherlands brought us to the fantastic city of Arnhem!

Patricia, Zaandam 1975

Jos, Nederweert 1962