Yes we are in Australia!!

For this continent we have calculated about three months, but that will probably be five ;-)

Eventhough we want to see a lot we want to take it easy down undah. In Australia Jos has some relatives here and there who we want to visit. With our car we will follow the long roads from Cairns through the outback to see all the amazing things between Alice Springs and Ayers Rock. Hopefully we’ll see many kangaroos, wombats, spiders and snakes. In ‘Straya anything can kill you, they say ;-) Eventually we will get back to the coast at Port Augusta and arrive in Melbourne just in time for our family reunion in January.

If we want to stay longer than those three months we’ll have to extend our visa by leaving the country. We’ll see about that when we get there.

After this awesome roadtrip we’ll cross the Tasman Sea to travel through New Zealand where they say nothing can kill you. From the South Island northwards to Auckland. Big plans, a lot of kilometres and hopefully a lot of fun.

More stories, beautiful pics and scary animals coming soon!

The countries on our route


‘Stayaaaaaaa!!! A roadtrip in our own car, a dream come true. Real freedom and all the time in the world to relax and enjoy nature. Sounds good right? 

For this enormous country we first calculated three to four months. In this time we made a roadtrip from Cairns through the outback to Melbourne. In Melbourne we decided to extend our visa with three months, before traveling to Tasmania and further up the eastcoast. Adventure is calling!!

New Zealand

During our stay in Australia we flew to New Zealand to extend our visa, just for two days because we would go back to NZ after our extended stay in Australia anyway. But, traveling to this cool country late autumn suddenly didn’t seen so appealing anymore and plans are there to be changed... So we won’t fly back to New Zealand in the next few months. What will we do instead?

Tropical paradise...

Down Under

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    ilse (Sunday, 03 December 2017 11:23)

    Lekker Down Under 'campen' ,warm weer, rondtoeren in je eigen waggie....ik ben jaloers!! Je zou me hier eens moeten zien zitten :-D Ik heb letterlijk de geitenwollen sokken aan en het fleece deken omgedraaid.

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    Christoph (Thursday, 30 November 2017 06:58)

    Looks great there down under� have fun� i love the cockatoo pic��