North America

We are so incredibly curious about the the USA and Canada, unfortunately we would be there in the wrong time of the year, July and August... when the tourist season is high and so are the temperatures... 

So, from Japan we fly to Hawaii but shorten our stay and decide to skip the mainland for now. A terribly hard decision to make, but well... choices choices. C’est la vie.

So, Hawaii it is... HAWAII! 

HA-WA-IIIII!!! :-)

Our only destination for now...

Soon: Hawaii

A week in the island of O’ahu, incredible beaches, blue sea and mountains like oomph! With our rental car we explored every corner of this piece of American paradise and we can tell you, it made us hungry for more! 
While we were there we got a very special present from the Netherlands too...

Aloha paradise!

More momentos please... working on it!

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