July 6th 2017 until October 27th 2017

We will visit Asia in two parts, first Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. In May 2018 we enjoy an extra long transit in Shanghai with Japan following in June. 

In the end of our worldtrip we will probably visit more countries in the mainland of Asia. This continent contains so many countries that we cannot possibly see all of them during our trip. We'll see how far we'll come. Our main goal is just to have fun!


We're traveling these countries


Our three day visit to Singapore was quite interesting. After getting over the price shock we discovered there is so much to do on a low budget! This clean green city full of gardens and parks was a unique experience.


Our adventures in Malaysia start in the green jungle of Borneo to look for some primates, after this we fly to the least as green Peninsular where we visit the oldest forest in the world and the breathtaking Perhentian Islands.


Our journey through Indonesia was a long and awesome one. Ideally we wanted to travel from the north of Sumatra all the way to Papua, but didn’t expect to get Indonesia-tired halfway. After three months we’ve decided to go down undah and safe the rest of Indonesia for later...


In between French Polynesia and Japan we do an awesome 5-day trip to China's biggest city. We've rented a totally cool loft in the most appealing area in town, the Former French Concession...


Soon more!


Wooh, what a dream come true! We are spending three weeks in Japan, starting in Sapporo in the northern island Hokkaido we'll work our way down towards Osaka. We expect to find a lot of extraordinairy beauty after we've passed our total culture shock...


More coming soon!

Blogs and Stories

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Malaysia - Tea plantation
Malaysia - Tea plantation
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Sumatra - Pulau Weh
Sumatra - Pulau Weh
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