March 31st until july 6th 2017

The biggest part of Africa has been popular among travelers for many years, some have discovered this continent long ago as a fantastic travel destination, but the masses are still reluctant because of it's expensive reputation and it's primitive culture.

That is just fine with us, stay away! It's terrible here, you'll hate it... we don't mind, because locals surrounding us, that's what we want! 

Only a year before our worldtrip we decided to go to Africa, but now that we've seen this amazing part of the world, we're hungry for more... 

We've visited these countries:

South Africa

South Africa, a country of many extremes. Four seasons in a day, people in all colors and the nature, ohh... from fields of gold to lush green oases as far as the eye can see. Never a dull moment here!


Our first impression as we look outside the bus window, crossing the border is that Mozambique is very similar to South Africa. Same nature, same traffic signs. 

But we were so wrong...



How surprised we were when we entered this country. As lush green mountains and endless savannahs fill our view, we immediately feel comfortable, relaxed and safe and that feeling never changed...


From the south of Zambia to Tanzania by train, that was our plan. We chose not to fly, but to take a long traintrip instead so that we could at least see this country. We didn't regret it for a moment...


The nature of Tanzania is breathtaking, so much different from all the African countries we've visited. A tropical climate, rainforests crossed by red roads, winding rivers and bright coloured rooftops...

The Seychelles

Dreamy white beaches with palmtrees at just the right spot, a bright blue sea and an amazing green inland. The Seychelles have so much more to offer than the obvious... we were surprised!


Colourful, diverse, adventurous and above all beautiful Madagascar! We absolutely couldn't get enough of this country... during our two week roadtrip with a classic Renault 4 we wished we could stay twice as long!

La Réunion...

This green oasis a.k.a. hikers-paradise is an amazing example of how Europe and Africa can join forces. French towns, Creole culture and a tropical atmosphere made us feel quite athome. We could live here!


Almost entirely surrounded by a beautiful coral reef, including colourful tropical fish, we expected to find clear blue water and pearly white beaches everywhere, but we didn't... this island has it's paradise well hidden!


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