Memoires of a worldtrip


Our biggest dream finally came true, we are traveling the world. Instead of a trip around the world in our twenties, we do it in our fourties and we expect to enjoy it 20 times more. We must be, we’ve been preparing for 20 years...

Our journey will take about two years and we plan to visit every continent. We dont have the illusion that we can visit every country on our list and we are not traveling to tick off countries, we really want to enjoy every single destination and the freedom that comes with that. Want to know more about us? Click here.


Eventhough we don't want to be stuck in a plan, we would rather travel with the seasons, than against them, no hurricane seasons or months of heatwaves for us. Check out our sort-of-plan below or here!


Of course we won't leave you guys empty handed, we are keeping a diary of our adventures and you are welcome to read it. Just click on the land-pages in our menu or check down below for more information. 

On each page you are more than welcome to leave us a comment, we love to read your thoughts, unfortunately we are unable to reply. Hope to hear from you soon!


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Our itinerary


From Amsterdam we flew to Cape Town for the kick off and traveled through the south east to discover Africa

What an adventure!! We’ve camped in the Serengeti, stayed with a local farmer in Zimbabwe, made a roadtrip in an old Renault 4 through Madagascar and ohhh so much more! 

This was our route:


South Africa




The Seychelles


La Reunion



Phew we loved it! 

We'll probably go back to Africa some day because Ethiopia, Kenia and Malawi are still there on that list... and Botswana... and Namibia... and, and, and...


We visit Asia in two parts, mostly because the seasons are very different in the north and in the south. Our Asia part I brought us to Singapore


the mainland of Malaysia and Malaysian Borneo 


In Indonesia we explored:







We spotted fantastic primates during our awesome jungle hikes, we got our Padi Open Water and Advanced Scuba Diver certificate and enjoyed the most breathtaking underwater world ánd beaches. 


After our impressive 7 month adventures through Oceania we enjoy a six day stopover in the awesome Shanghai and then we flew to Japan!


Eventually after the rest our our worldtrip we'll fly back to Asia and travel the mainland until we run out of money or get homesick ;-)


Starting in Cairns, we bought a car and made a roadtrip of five months through this huge country. We build in a small travelbreak with Jos’ family in Melbourne before and after visiting Tasmania, continued our adventure to Brisbane where we sold our car. 


Queensland Eastcoast

Queensland Outback

Northern Territory

South Australia



New South Wales

Australian Capitol Territory


In the meantime we did a citytrip visarun to Christchurch New Zealand to extend our three month visa. 


After this incredible journey we flew to 





French Polynesia

South America

From Hawaii we cross over to a whole different continent. Starting our new adventures in Colombia in search of good food and Latino music expecting hot and spicy in every way.


We have been practicing Spanish on our phone during our worldtrip and would want to do a Spanish course when we get there. Seems like a good investment because after South America there is more...


We’ve got a few countries high on our list and a couple of spares. Depending on our budget at the time we'll decide which countries we are going to experience. Already curious what we will discover in this enormous part of the world!


Central America

Our plan for Central America is based on the content of our wallet. We would love to travel over land from Panama to Mexico and we've got some great islands in mind as well. There are some fantastic and cheap diving spots, so we’ve heard, so that is high on our list too...


By this time our Spanish will probably be fluent so we’ll know how to get around. And otherwise, we still know the language of hands and feet from Japan ;-)


Hopefully we can stay long enough to really get in to that Caribbean vibe before we follow our American dream in the USA.

North America

From Central America we'll go on a exploration through Northern America. An American roadtrip, that is what our list says. From the islands in the Caribbean we fly to the States for the second time, for we've already gotten acquainted with the American islands in the North Pacific, better known as Hawaii...

San Francisco to Vancouver, through Canada to the east, New York and then all the way down to Miami. Or something like that.

We've planned 3,5 months, not a lot, but it can be done.


Lets hope we still have enough budget left for this awesome dream to come true!


Cape Verde - Santo Antao
Cape Verde - Santo Antao

Go ahead, wander around!